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Memorial Foundation Board Briefings - Contributions


In the academic year 2009-10, the Memorial Foundation will be celebrating its 45th anniversary. Since its inception, the Memorial Foundation has been engaged in the reconstruction of Jewish cultural life around the world after the Holocaust. Our specific mandate has been to create and develop the social capital of the Jewish people; that is, identify and help train young men and women who will serve as the cultural and communal leaders of the Jewish People around the world, leaders hopefully cut in a special mould, steeped in Jewish learning and culture and passionately devoted to the concept of Klal Yisrael – i.e. Jewish connectiveness.

Since its inception in 1964-65, the Foundation has awarded scholarships and fellowships to more than 13,000 men and women – many early in their careers – who have subsequently attained such leadership positions. One example should suffice: Forty-two (42) of those recipients who received Foundation support early in their career were later awarded one of the highest honors in Jewish life, the Israel Prize, for their contributions to Jewish culture. A quite substantial number of the young men and women we support are also serving in dispersed Jewish communities on six continents as rabbis, professors, educators, researchers, writers and communal workers.

The Foundation has also assisted in the preparation and publication of close to 4,000 books related to Jewish culture, broadly defined, in more than 25 languages. More than 600 of them are in the Russian languages and were distributed behind the Iron Curtain for 2 decades prior to Glasnost, helping to stimulate the renaissance of Jewish life in the former Soviet Union.

On this website you will find lists of the names of individuals and institutions who have received our support. We hope you will peruse these lists and consider making a gift to the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture. Your contribution can help us continue to maintain and expand our programs for the creation, intensification and dissemination of Jewish culture and scholarship all around the world.

Contributions can be mailed to: Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, 50 Broadway, 34th floor, NYC 10004. Should you need further information do not hesitate to contact us at this address or by email, or fax (212) 425-6602.

Many thanks for your anticipated cooperation and generosity.